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    Are you looking for ways to improve forecast accuracy, improve customer service, reduce inventories, improve productivity and reduce costs? We provide proven software solutions for sales forecasting, demand forecasting, demand planning, collaborative forecasting, Inventory planning including distribution and material requirements planning (DRP and MRP) and constraints based optimised production scheduling.

    Our Products to Help Manage Your Supply Chain

    Forecast Pro

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    Forecast Pro is fast, easy and accurate sales and demand forecasting software for business professionals. The award-winning Forecast Pro software is easy to learn and easy to use. Forecast Pro is being used by over 35000 sales, marketing and demand management professionals around the world.


    Supply Chain Planning

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    Supply Chain Planning (SCP 4.0) is an inventory planning and management system that recommends what to make or buy to satisfy your customer demands. It is an integrated Forecasting, Inventory planning and Management, DRP and MRP software solution and is also used in VMI applications.


    Preactor APS

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    Preactor comprises a family of advanced planning and production scheduling software solutions from comparatively simple Finite Capacity Schedulers (FCS) to Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) applications. Preactor is used by over 4500 users around the world


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    A fully integrated Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Planning System for your enterprise. SCP 4.0 is an advanced planning and vendor managed inventory system that recommends what to make/procur

    Business Forecasting Workshop – Sydney Thursday June 22, 2017, Melbourne Friday June 23, 2017

    We are pleased to announce "Business Forecasting: Techniques, Applications and Best Practices" workshop conducted by Eric Stellwagen in Sydney and in Melbourne. Please click the title above for Inform