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  • Forecast Pro Demand Forecasting Software Overview

    ForecastPro Products fpbox1Forecast Pro is fast, easy and accurate demand forecasting software / sales forecasting software for business professionals. The award-winning software is easy to learn and easy to use, making Forecast Pro the logical choice if you are currently forecasting with spreadsheets, guesstimation or other software which is not getting the job done and are unhappy with the inaccurate results.

    With Forecast Pro, you provide the historic data for the items you are forecasting and it does the rest. The built-in expert selection mode analyzes your data, selects the appropriate forecasting technique and calculates the forecasts using proven statistical methods. You can collaborate with colleagues to make adjustments to the statistical forecasts and easily document and save the changes. Forecast Pro generates customisable reports and graphs you need to make convincing presentations to management. Automating your forecasting and integrating your forecast results with other planning systems are straightforward tasks with Forecast Pro.


    To satisfy different corporate needs, three editions of Forecast Pro are available. Your specific needs will determine Which Forecast Pro Edition is right for you.



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