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  • “Forecast Pro continues to be the most comprehensive desktop forecsting ‘toolbox’ I’ve seen. “-Terry Juszynski, Warner Lambert

    Statistical Forecasting Software Forecast Pro XE

    If you are looking for a comprehensive statistical forecasting software, if you have to forecast less than 100 items and if you may require Dynamic Regression forecasting models, Forecast Pro XE is your solution.

    To satisfy different corporate needs, three editions of Forecast Pro are available. Your specific needs will determine which Forecast Pro Edition is right for you. If Forecast Pro XE is not the right software for you, please consider:


    Create Accurate Forecasts Quickly and Easily

    Forecast Pro XE forecastpro xe basic

    Forecast Pro XE is a desktop analysis tool designed to satisfy both basic and advanced forecasting needs. Using Forecast Pro XE Expert Selection mode, you can automatically create accurate forecasts for up to 100 items (such as products or SKUs) with just a couple clicks of the mouse. If you prefer to specify the forecasting approach, Forecast Pro XE provides a full range of menu-driven custom modeling options and detailed diagnostic displays to support even the most sophisticated analysis. And you can do much more with Forecast Pro XE, including adding your business knowledge, creating dazzling presentations and working with your existing data.

    Add Your Business Knowledge

    Forecast Pro lets you adjust your forecasts on a graph or in a spreadsheet-like display. You can adjust single points, ranges or totals, using percentages, increments or by simply entering new values. If you’ve defined a multiple level hierarchy, adjusting a value at any given level will automatically adjust all appropriate levels.
    Forecast Pro XE XE51b

    Make Convincing Presentations

    With Forecast Pro, you can create dazzling, presentation-quality reports in seconds. Four professionally-designed standardized report formats are included as well as a custom reporting option for maximum flexibility. You can graph your results on a time series or year-over-year basis, and choose from several eye-catching formats including 3-D lines and 3-D columns.

    Forecast Pro XE forecastpro xe basic 4

    Work With Your Existing Data

    Forecast Pro imports data in a variety of flexible, easy-to-create formats including Excel and Lotus spreadsheets, text files and ODBC. These flexible formats allow you to easily import and export data from virtually any source. There is also an on-line editor to enter your data directly, or to modify and amend files.

    Diagnose Your Models

    Forecast Pro provides a standardized set of diagnostic screens to help you compare and evaluate models. You get graphs of the residuals and the error autocorrelation function, grid displays of the correlation matrix and covariance matrix, as well as key numeric statistics: Adjusted R-Square, MAPE, Sample Size, Mean, Schwartz BIC, Ljung-Box, RMSE, Standard Deviation, MAD, R-Square and Standard Forecast Error.

    Evaluate Alternative Forecasts

    If you define a holdout sample, Forecast Pro XE will automatically generate out-of-sample MAPE, MAD and GMRAE statistics to measure forecast performance. This handy feature allows you to quickly evaluate different models and answer questions like “How accurate would my forecasts have been had I used Forecast Pro last year?”

    To download a product brochure, look at online demos or to organise a live demo please click ‚ Forecast Pro XE Demo.


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