• Unlocking Profits in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and Service Supply Chains

  • Partnering with Supply Chain Business Solutions


    We have partnered with mainly two different types of businesses in the Supply Chain Management space.


    Software Suppliers

    Our solutions can and have been integrated / interfaced with any ERP, Demand Planning, Inventory Management and other applications. We have worked with a number of solution providers in this area where there their prospects / clients have specific forecasting / planning / production scheduling requirements that cannot be met with the functionality available in the software they market.  Some of these solution providers use Forecast Pro as their “forecasting module”; some other use Preactor as their “scheduling module”.


    Consulting Organisations / Professionals

    We have also worked with consulting organisations / professionals when they were providing services to improve their clients’ various business processes typically forecasting, demand planning, sales and operations planning, inventory management and production scheduling. Our solutions have proven to generate significant improvements in these areas and the costs of implementation have been significant less than other similar solutions available in market-place and we will be pleased to work with you if you have the right opportunity.


    So if you are an organisation / individual that fits into either of the profiles as outlined above, we would love to hear from you and have an opportunity to work with you in a win-win partnership. We both will have the opportunity to work together to generate business improvements for your clients and prospects.


    Please contact Dinesh Shah on (02) 9541 0522 or +612 9541 0522