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    Originally founded in 1988 as Manufacturing Magic, Supply Chain Business Solutions is an Australasian Distributor for Preactor (Production Planning and Scheduling Software) , Forecast Pro (Demand Forecasting, Sales Forecasting and Sales and Operations Planning software) and Supply Chain Planning (SCP 4.0) Inventory Management Software. We have provided Consulting and Education Services to many leading Australian companies. We have been marketing and implementing forecasting and planning software packages since 1997. We provide implementing services and training for all the business solutions we market. We have implemented forecasting and planning solutions in companies in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Sri Lanka and India.


    Are you experiencing one or more of these problems?

    • High Inventories?
    • Frequent Stock-outs?
    • Poor / less than satisfactory Customer Service?
    • Regular expediting?
    • Low / unsatisfactory productivity?
    • Frequent changes to production schedules?
    • High costs throughout your Supply Chain?
    • Regular fire-fighting?

    Very often, such problems are caused by:

    • Lack of or Inaccurate Sales / Demand Forecasts
    • Lack of or ineffective planning processes
    • Lack of visibility into your future demands, future plans and schedules
    • Lack of or poor communication
    • Lack of teamwork
    • Lack of proper tools for your people to forecast, plan and schedule effectively


    We provide solutions that will help:

    • Improve the accuracy of your sales / demand forecasts
    • Implement a collaborative forecasting and sales planning approach
    • Plan production, materials and production resources to meet your future
      customer demands
    • Develop constraint based schedules to help you make delivery promises that
      you can keep
    • Improve communication between key players within the company

    Our products include:

    • Proven sales and demand forecasting software Forecast Pro
    • DRP, MPS, MRP Inventory Planning and Management System SCP 4.0
    • A constraint based Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) system Preactor