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  • MRP, DRP, MPS SYSTEM For Inventory Planning and Replenishment


    Forecasting and Planning forecast2SCP’s Planning module is a time-phased Forecasting, Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP), Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Inventory Replenishment tool.
    Quite simply, it recommends what to make or buy, how much to make or buy, and when to make or buy it in order to fulfil existing customer orders and maintain, but not exceed, desirable inventory levels.

    SCP Planning includes Material Requirement Planning, with multi-level bill of materials support. It can plan raw material orders directly or explode the raw material demand from the finished goods plan.
    It is being used in manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses – small, medium and large.

    SCP Forecasting & Planning

    Just with the click of a button… Analytical and visual all in just one screen

    Highly manage-by-exception based, the SCP planning engine represents your supply chain accurately. Plants supplying distribution centers (DCs), central warehouses supplying remote locations, point of sale data from stores, or a combination of all of the above… SCP can easily be configured to accommodate a variety of models.

    Forecasting in SCP is accomplished through multiple formulas ranging from simple moving averages to more complex seasonal, trend, exponential smoothing, etc. algorithms. For the optimum in automated forecasting, select the award-winning Forecasting and Planning forecastpro logoautomatic formula for best-pick forecasting functionality.

    For manufacturers needing to plan raw materials in addition to finished goods, SCP supports a multi-level bill of materials, driving demand down from the finished parts to the corresponding components.

    Add scheduled receipts, customer orders, and existing inventory to the mix, combined with highly configurable planning parameters including lead time, safety stock and safety time; SCP recommends accurate replenishment planned orders for internal and VMI purposes.

    There is no shortage of reporting in SCP. Shipment, Manufacturing, Excess, Stockout, Inactivity, Performance, ABC Analysis and many more are included in this module. Please see the SCP Reporting section for more information.
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