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  • SCP 4.0 – Optimised Scheduling


    Optimised Scheduling optimised scheduling logo  The SCP Optimized Scheduling module provides attribute-based job sequencing capabilities. Every item or job has certain characteristics or attributes that impact the costs associated with producing that item. Transitioning from one job to the next on a machine or other resource can incur high costs in clean-up time, set-up time, scrap, etc.

    It is critical that the sequencing of jobs on a machine be done in such a way that these transition costs are kept to a minimum while also factoring in capacity and raw material constraints, job due dates, transit schedules, and business rules that will differ from one business to the next.


    Optimised Scheduling optimised scheduling chartKnown constraints (capacity, raw materials) from the SCP Constraint Control Center , highly configurable attribute-by-item settings, run speeds, setup change-over matrixes, customizable business rule processes and other applicable data is fed into the SCPOptimised Scheduling optimised scheduling logo1 meta-heuristic optimizer engine to produce a cost and service efficient schedule.

    Optimised Scheduling optimised scheduling meter2 

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