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    A key factor in the success of a comprehensive forecasting, MRP and inventory Management system SCP 4.0 is undoubtedly its ability to integrate seamlessly and painlessly with any existing ERP, MRP, Inventory Management or accounting system. Quick and seamless integration is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the success or failure of supply chain projects. A long implementation means high costs and lost momentum which in turn can translate into a loss of interest by users and management.

    Data Mapping and Integration  data mapping integeration text logo

    This number is a true measurement from existing client implementations. It is made possible primarily because of SCP’s built-in Data Mapping functionality. Data Maps are capable of retrieving data, manipulating it, and allocating the results to the proper location in SCP where it can be used by the forecasting, planning, and scheduling engines. They can also take info from SCP and pass it to external target databases or files for full 2-way communication.

    Data Maps connect SCP to any electronic data sources such as AS400 databases (DB2), Oracle, SQL Server, Excel, ASCII, XML, EDI VANS, FTP, Internet, even email attachments and much more. They also ‘shield’ users from the technical requirements of most supply chain systems.

    Data Maps also offer a significant advantage in managing the integration process long-term. Every map, SQL command, source code, etc. is managed and maintained within SCP. There is no external ‘black-box’ program or source code to chase after. It is all readily accessible to anyone with the proper rights.

    In addition to establishing communication, Data Maps are also capable of automatically launching tasks such as ABC Analysis or planning parameter updates (safety time, leadtime, order time, etc.). They are also used to establish any custom business rules required by a business and cut down on many manual tasks.

    With Data Mapping, the capabilities of SCP are limited only by lack of imagination.

    SCP is compatible with any electronic source of data…

    AS400 (DB2) MfgPro MQ
    CLS EDI MAS 90
    SQL Server Navision Progress
    Excel Email DBF
    Oracle Syteline ASCII

    and many more…

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