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    Preactor is the World’s leading Advanced Production Planning and Production Scheduling Software.


    So successful has Preactor’s breakthrough technology been that the number of companies using the product recently reached the 4500 mark, more than any of our competitors.These companies are a mix of small and medium sized as well as large corporations located in 88 countries.

    Preactor is used by companies in discrete, process and mixed mode type of environments. It is equally at home in modelling plants that involve machines, packing lines, tanks, assembly lines and so on in make to order, make to stock, engineer to order, repetitive and continuous processes.

    Why Choose Preactor?

    Over the last 20+ years of implementing advanced planning and scheduling tools around the world, one thing that comes over loud and clear to Preactor International and its partners like us is that each company they visit has different ideas of what they want from the solution, what data they want to see, what pain points they want to cure, what planning and scheduling objectives they have and what scheduling rules they want to use.

    Preactor APS Preactor 150x150

    It never a case thatone size fits all in planning and scheduling solutions.

    It is for this reason that right from square one when Preactor was released in 1993 Preactor International has endeavoured to provide BOTH out of the box vertical solutions for specific industries which need little, if any, customisation, AND provide ways to customize Preactor so that it fits the user data rather than the customer having to change their data to fit Preactor.


    Preactor APS agt family

    Also we have a family of scheduling solutions each with the same code set but with different price points and feature sets


    If you need to make real and measurable improvements to your production costs, efficiency and on-time delivery, but you also want a solution that can be tailored to meet your individual requirements, then Preactor award winning software will interest you. Preactor solutions offer a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility and integration capability plus you can expect to achieve huge financial advantages such as:


    • 25% increase in productivity
    • 50% reduction in work in process and inventories
    • 80% increase in on-time deliveries
    with a ROI measured in weeks.


    Our APS solutions integrate with all major ERP and financial application packages, are readily configurable and are used across almost every manufacturing sector.


    Is Preactor right for you?

    If you require greater control of your operations, increased customer service while reducing costs, Preactor is a production scheduling system that provides the planner with an interactive decision support tool that helps balance demand and capacity.

    Unlike spreadsheets, wall boards and MRP software, Preactor can deal with the complexities of a wide range of applications and scenarios


    What do these companies have in common?

    Examples of companies that have installed Preactor, leveraged the benefits of Planning Scheduling System and the exceptional results they have achieved


    Trebortex, Spain

    • Stock down by 45%
    • Planning time reduced from 5 hours to 30 minutes
    • Urgent Transport costs down by 95%
    • Productivity up by 16%

    Cash Bases, UK

    • WIP down from 30 days to 10 days
    • On-time delivery up from 34% to 94%
    • Increased productivity by 25%

    Sotreq, Brazil

    • Lead Time down 50%
    • Overtime required down by 40%
    • Annual revenues up 20%

    InterfaceFLOR, Australia

    • Process Efficiencies increased to 120%
    • Nearly 100% reliable delivery promises
    • Throughput increased by about 25%


    The answer is they all use Preactor Advanced (APS) software and these are just some of the benefits they have achieved since using this time proven Planning Scheduling System.These are just four examples of the 4,000 small, medium sized and large corporations who, making most of our Planning Scheduling System, rely on Preactor to make them leaner, more agile and able to respond effectively to their customer requirements.


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