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    Preactor is not a single solution. It is a family of products that uses the same core code to provide solutions for small, medium and large companies.


    Preactor Products


    A key element of Preactor is that solutions can be installed straight out of the box but can also be customised and configured where necessary and without disturbing the core Preactor code, an important issue when it comes to future releases and technical support.


    Preactor is also designed for integration with other software such as ERP, MES, Data collection, Forecasting, Demand Planning and OEE applications.Preactor Products  Preactor Products

    Each product has the same underlying core code. The entry level Preactor Express has one set of features; Preactor 200 FCS adds additional features and so on until our top of the range Preactor 500 APS is reached. The latest addition to the Preactor family of products is Preactor GMPS.

    There is also Preactor Enterprise. This is a multiple license product suitable for companies who want to roll out Preactor to multiple sites. Each license has the capabilities of Preactor 500 APS.

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