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    Production Planning Software

    Preactor 400 GMPS (Graphical Master Production Schedule), is an essential Production Planning Software tool for companies who want to enhance competitiveness, increase profits and improve customer service. The problems which frequently challenge the management of fast moving consumer group companies (FMCGs) include unnecessary high stock levels of both finished product and raw material and the possibility of this stock reaching its sell-by date before being consumed. Effective purchasing of economic quantities of raw materials and timely use of this raw material is key to reducing one of the greatest production problems.


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    • Make to stock, make to order or mix of the two
    • Finite or Infinite capacity modes
    • Shared capacity across product families
    • User defined stock control parameters by product
    • Automatic MPS calculation with manual override
    • Takes shelf life into account
    • Warning given on stock going out of life
    • Takes account of re-order multiples
    • Planning Bill of Materials
    • Standard and user defined reports
    • Links directly to Preactor APS products for detailed scheduling

    Preactor 400 GMPS typically processes raw demand data. Its output is the input to MRP.  The output of MRP is the input to Preactor FCS/APS.  You might ask why GMPS is used instead of MRP.  This is because:-

    a) Preactor 400 GMPS can apply capacity constraints
    b) Preactor 400 GMPS can deal with highly variable demand due to seasonality, weather, promotions etc
    c) Preactor 400 GMPS can handle shelf-life issues

    Preactor 400 GMPS can be used in make-to-stock or make-to-order environments but they are used differently.


    Preactor 400 GMPS is typically used to plan stock cover where there is variable demand and sometimes shelf life to take into account. It uses as its input the opening stock, orders, and forecast demand to arrive at a Net Demand for each finished product.

    Graphical MPS

    The user also defines what stock cover is required.  This is used to derive the WHEN and HOW MUCH of each product to make in each period over the planning horizon based on the net demand (the MPS result).

    A plot is then available to show the predicted stock position for each product over the planning horizon.

    Graphical MPS

    Preactor 400 GMPS also allows the user to define capacity of resources.  Where more than one resource can process the same product a Capacity Group is defined. The manufacturing quantities  can then be altered based on finite or infinite capacity.  In finite capacity mode the ‘how much’ to make for each product can be ‘squeezed’ to match capacity available and the impact displayed using alerts and examination of stock plots.

    Graphical MPS



    In a make to order environment Preactor 400 GMPS is not used to calculate manufacturing quantities.  The user’s MRP process will calculate these as usual. GMPS is used in parallel with MRP.

    However Preactor 400 GMPS can be used to review their manufacturing capacity against proposed changes in demand.

    It will answer questions such as “is the current capacity adequate” and “if not, how and when should they add capacity?

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