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    Preactor 400 APS Material Explorer1.jpg1Preactor 400 APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) Software has additional functionality to deal with more complex scheduling problems and in addition focuses on the restrictions imposed by materials. Many ERP systems will create orders for each level of the Bill of Materials (BoM). These could be manufacturing orders or materials that are purchased. Using an in-built tool, these orders are connected or pegged together and the materials produced netted off. These links are used as part of the scheduling process so that dependent orders are not scheduled until all the materials required are completed by the producing orders.

    Preactor 400 APS has many material centric features such as the Materials Explorer, a powerful tool that provides an interactive, material-centric view of the production schedule. The Material Flow Diagram presents a graphical view of an order showing the materials involved in its manufacture as well as any related orders that are supplying or consuming materials. As the generated diagram is interactive, the planner can navigate quickly and easily through materials links from order to order to follow material flow through the production process and deal with any issues that arise such as shortages, changing priority of orders to overcome delivery problems.

    This is complemented by a set of material plots which show the availability of materials over the schedule horizon. As each order is selected in the Material Flow Diagram the corresponding set of materials plots are shown, one from each material consumed or produced by the selected order. The materials plots are also interactive allowing the planner to select a data point and see the corresponding order in the material flow diagram.

    The Materials Explorer also simplifies the task of finding and navigating to items of interest. For example, a material search facility allows orders to be found by the material consumed or produced while lists of orders with material shortages and unused production provide a good starting point for troubleshooting material issues.

    Preactor 400 APS also offers additional optimisations rules that can be further customised for each application. These rules can be event based (simulation forward only) or order based. Standard dispatching rules include those that attempt to Minimise Setup time, Minimise Late Orders, use a Preferred Sequence at each resource, Bottleneck Scheduling (Theory of Constraints) and Campaigning.

    Rules can be made to be customer, product or resource specific and virtually any logic can be built into a customised scheduling rule. These can be built using the PESP tool, a scripting language with standard building blocks, or by using a programming language such as VB.NET.

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