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  • Preactor Production Planning and Scheduling Software Viewer


    A Preactor Viewer can be used with any of the Preactor Production Planning and Scheduling Software products in a variety of ways and can be purchased singly or in packs of ten.

    Preactor Viewer Viewers


    They can be used for:-

    • On a shop floor PC to provide the cell supervisor or machine operator with up to the minute work-to-lists generated by the master Preactor system and to log completions for use by the scheduler to monitor progress and initialize the system prior to a re-schedule.

    • Linked with bar-code readers they can take information automatically from a barcode on a route card or other paperwork that provides electronic updates to the master Preactor system.

    • In the sales or supervision staff offices to track the progress of existing orders or and new ones as well as compare actual with scheduled completion times.

    • As an Order Promise System which sends out enquiries to multiple plants and decide the allocation.


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