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Inventory Management - Our Software Solutions

Supply Chain Business Solutions offers the following solutions to help manage inventory in your supply chain.

Forecast Pro is a proven sales forecasting, demand forecasting, and a sales and operations planning tool that is used by over 35000 business professionals around the world mainly for forecasting future sales or customer demands of finished products.

Supply Chain Planning (SCP) is an integrated Forecasting, Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP). Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) tool, which is used by manufacturing and distribution businesses to plan inventories throughout their supply chain.

Preactor Advanced Planning System helps in effective scheduling of production helping manufacturing companies to minimise work in progress inventories and reduce manufacturing costs. Preactor is a constraints-based production scheduling solution that will help manufacturing businesses schedule production to best meet customer demands while achieving business objectives such as minimise work in process inventories, minimise costs by doing things such as minimise changeovers or optimising schedules in other ways.