Supply Chain Planning

SCP 4.0 – DRP, MPS, MRP Inventory Management Software System

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A fully integrated Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Planning (MRP) System for your enterprise.

SCP 4.0 is an advanced planning and inventory management system that recommends what to make/procure, how much to make, and when to make it in order to uphold target inventory levels. SCP 4.0 excels at Vendor Managed Inventory and Internal Demand Planning. Additional features address constraints and produce optimized manufacturing schedules.

SCP 4.0 does not replace your existing systems; it draws data such as sales history, stock on hand, existing customer orders and purchase orders and more and use it in combination of your inventory policies such as Safety Stock, Minimum Order Quantity, Lead time etc. to recommend what to order, when to order and how much to order to meet your requirements.

It can incorporate your distribution network and also manufacturing including multi-level Bills of Materials. This makes it suitable for use in manufacturing, distribution as well as retail businesses.

SCP 4.0 Overview


User-friendly, and highly automated, means that planners can focus on business tasks and not the technical requirements of these planning systems.


Whether you want to run a report, have one emailed to you, see all your data in one screen, or drill into the details, SCP provides these capabilities and more...


Go straight to the source! Pull data directly from ERP, WMS, Excel, ASCII, FTP, XML, EDI, etc. sources, clean and polish it... and manage the entire process in SCP.


Our client base spans the globe and our in-house support is second to none. Happy clients are why we are still around. We've been in business since 2001!

Core Features and Benefits!

  •   tools for efficiently managing, monitoring, and improving forecast processes
  •   easy integration into larger planning systems
  •   built-in capability to support S&OP processes
  •   low IT overhead

What Our Customers Say!

Global freight forwarding

Herman Muller

SCP enabled us to drive down stock holdings from $12.9 mil to $8 mil within 15 months while minimizing stock outs.

Fortune 500 V.P. Customer Service, Logistics, and eBusiness

Jim Seafort

JMS software improved customer service from 79% to 85% and inventory turns from 9 to 19 turns. Vendor Managed Inventory initiatives utilizing SCP resulted in increased sales.

Fortune 500 Global Supply Chain Operations

John Koumourou

I look at the tool and wonder why this wasn't around when we did planning. It truly is a great application.

Fortune 500 supplier to the world's leading consumer product companies

Ernie Kale

SCP allows us to quickly achieve our VMI goals and implement SCM with key clients with very different requirements.



Statistical forecasting in SCP is accomplished through multiple formulas ranging from simple moving averages to more complex algorithms including seasonal, trend, exponential smoothing, and more. Embedded in the software is the award-winning Forecast Pro forecasting engine, adding to SCP's forecasting power and accuracy.


SCP accepts all forms of external forecasts while still retaining visibility over the statistical forecast if desired. Forecasts from CRM systems, product managers, sales representatives, customers, and many other sources can be imported with ease.

Forecast Accuracy

Track and report forecast-vs-actual accuracy using SCP's data tracking and reporting tools. SCP takes a snapshot of planning data on a daily or weekly basis, so you can always go back in time and review past information.


Several features allow you to adjust either the statistical or external forecast with little effort. Create SCP 'Events' to factor in known increases or decreases due to promotions, store openings, product launches, etc. Use several forecast consumption and retention strategies to further adjust your forecast depending on sales patterns.

SCP 4.0 Demand and Supply Planning

Supports Multi-Tiered Models

The SCP planning engine represents your supply chain accurately. Plants supplying distribution centers (DCs), central warehouses supplying remote locations, point of sale data from stores, or a combination of all of the above... SCP can easily be configured to accommodate a variety of models.


Need to plan for your raw material purchases too? SCP supports multi-level bills of material for more accurate top-down demand planning of components... whether you are a make to order or make to the stock business, or a combination of both.

Manage by Exception

Let SCP show you exactly which of your tens of thousands of items need your attention. No one can be expected to look through every record to figure out what to do. SCP's exceptions and alerts, combined with strong flexible reporting capabilities, give you the information you need at the click of a button.

All the Details in One Place

We've all been there. Trying to investigate something and having to pull up half a dozen screens in order to locate the information we need. Not in SCP. Everything you need is at your fingertips in one screen. Drill down capabilities are available everywhere! Pull up sales order lines making up historic numbers, open purchase order lines, inventory lot breakdowns, and much more.

SCP 4.0 Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


VMI presents excellent opportunities to establish lasting mutually-beneficial relationships between customers and suppliers and paves the way for dramatically increasing sales and securing new clients. Having visibility over client inventory and future demand is a significant advantage in being able to provide superior customer service while lowering inventory costs.

Technical Challenges

There are two primary technical challenges to the success of any VMI relationship.
   The first is that customers will send data in a format of their choice and over their preferred medium of communication. Depending on how many customers are in your VMI program, this can involve a mix of Excel, ASCII, EDI, XML, etc. formats over Email, FTP Servers, Web Portals, and EDI Networks. Managing all this manually can take a great deal of time and opens up the process to human error.

   The first is The second challenge is what to do with the data. The type of information will differ from customer to customer. Some will send point-of-sale information leaving it up to you to produce a forecast, others will send firm demand along with a long-term forecast, some will send their production schedules, some will send P.O. information, some will not... it will vary.

Using SCP To Automate VMI Relationships

With SCP's built-in integration functionality, automating Vendor Managed Inventory communication between you and your customers is simplified. SCP is able to retrieve, import, process, and perform error checks against incoming data. It is also capable of communicating data and reports back to clients who are anxious to know how much inventory is being held at their suppliers and what shipments they can expect. Having a full-blown demand planning engine is a huge advantage in planning accuracy, and SCP's wide array of reports provide clear feedback to all parties involved.

Automatically Create Orders

SCP can save planners and customer service representatives from the daunting task of having to manually turn recommended replenishment quantities into real orders. Working with your I.T. department, SCP can be configured to automatically enter orders into your order entry system through standard or custom screens.

SCP 4.0 Reporting

Manage By Exception

With thousands of records to manage, good reporting functionality is critical to the supply chain planning process. SCP includes over twenty highly configurable color-coded reports and also supports custom reporting where needed. Excess, Inactivity, Fill-rate, Performance, On-hand, Safety Stock Recommendation, ABC Analysis, Exceptions Reporting, Shipment, Manufacturing and much more. SCP reporting has everything needed to get the job done quickly and accurately. It even contains reports which track customer forecasts or production schedule changes for monitoring VMI relationships.

Export and Email

SCP reports can be exported as ASCII, PDF, Excel, HTML, and other formats. They can also be automatically emailed or posted on a Web site in any format... a low-cost effective method of sharing data with suppliers and clients. All SCP reports come with very detailed filtering capabilities that allow users to fine-tune the output as much as necessary.

SCP 4.0 Integration

Seamless Automated Integration

SCP is a bolt-on system, and as such needs data from existing ERP, WMS, and other data sources. Quick and seamless integration is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors in the success or failure of supply chain projects. A long implementation means high costs and lost momentum which in turn can translate into a loss of interest by users and management.

Go Directly To The Source

One of SCP's biggest advantages is its ability to avoid the extra step of having a 3rd party provide downloaded data files. By utilizing SCP's Data Mapping features, we get data directly from where it sits by establishing direct connections to underlying ERP databases, Excel files, FTP servers, and much more. This methodology minimizes the number of steps that can break down, allows users to retrieve fresh data on demand, and eliminates any doubt as to where the data came from.

Turn Days Into Hours

Because the flow of data is controlled and managed within SCP, the typical process of negotiating requirements and changes with constrained 3rd party resources is virtually eliminated. This makes implementing SCP unbelievably fast (2-3 weeks unbelievably fast). Not convinced? Check with current SCP customers about their SCP experience.

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