Training and Education

Training and Education

With 25+ years of experience focused on business forecasting, planning, and scheduling, Supply Chain Business Solutions has developed in-depth expertise to help you to solve the real challenges you face. We offer a range of content-packed educational and training programs for improving business forecasting, planning, inventory management, and production scheduling processes in your organisation and for helping you get the most from your software and business processes.

Web-Based Training

If you need to train up to three people on any of our solutions, our Web-based training classes provide customised training with minimal disruption to your business. Not only is this innovative format the most cost-effective means for you and your colleagues to learn about the software, but you can also get a class scheduled quickly since no travel is involved and you don’t need to block out a full day for a class.

Onsite Training

If your team wants to learn more about our solution you will use, holding a customized class at your own facilities is an effective way to train the group. On-site classes provide you with the flexibility to offer multiple sessions to cover key topics in-depth. In addition, you can train people from different functional areas in your organization who play important roles in your related business processes.

Consulting and Implementation Services

In addition to providing product training, we offer a full range of consulting and implementation services to enable you to implement a world-class forecasting, planning or scheduling process. Regardless of the state of your current business process, we can provide expert guidance to get you to the next level with services that are relevant to all the functional areas in your organization that play an important role in the business process.


Our free educational Webinars (offered by Business Forecast Systems) make it easy for you to stay informed about business forecasting techniques and best practices without having to leave your desk. By attending our live Webinars and/or viewing archived sessions, you will learn about specific forecasting topics from the experts that can improve your bottom line.